Love Island's Molly Mae dresses daughter as iconic Disney monster for Halloween

tommy fury, molly mae hague
Molly Mae shares daughter's Halloween costumeGetty Images

Love Island's Molly-Mae Hague has shared an adorable photo of her daughter Bambi dressed up for Halloween.

On Instagram, Molly-Mae shared a series of photos showing Bambi dressed as Sully from Monsters Inc. in a cute, cuddly onesie.

Molly-Mae, a huge Potterhead, transformed herself into Harry Potter, while partner Tommy Fury went for the traditionally spooky Dracula.

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The influencer also showed off her incredible Halloween party, which they named the 'Bambi BOO-gie ball' after their daughter. Their house had been transformed with pumpkins, skeletons, bats and witches' broomsticks, alongside an impressive food spread filled with Halloween-themed treats presented in a coffin-shaped tray.

The photo reel received a flurry of appreciative messages from friends and fans alike, with fellow Love Islander Maura Higgins sharing A LOT of heart emojis.

But this isn't the first time little Bambi has showed off her Halloween style. Earlier this week Molly-Mae shared another adorable photo of Bambi, this time in a pumpkin costume.

The couple welcomed Bambi in January and got engaged six months later during a romantic proposal abroad.

tommy fury, molly mae hague
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Tommy previously revealed that Molly-Mae has always wanted to call her daughter Bambi. However, sadly, when Molly-Mae first shared her daughter's name, some people reacted negatively, causing her to turn the comments off on her social media post.

Speaking about the backlash, Molly-Mae said: "The name reveal was a hard day for me. I switched Instagram comments off on that post. I was brought back down to earth very quickly of how nasty this world can be. Because we'd literally known that our first baby girl was going to be called Bambi, we had gotten so used to the idea that that was going to be her name and to us it wasn't really that unusual anymore."

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX. Love Island Games will air on Peacock in the US.

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