Love Island's Olivia defends Ron and Lana after claims about their chemistry

Love Island's Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins were recently voted by their fellow Islanders as the current couple with the least amount of sexual chemistry, and if you look on social media, viewers seemed to agree with that assessment.

Someone who completely disagrees with that is Olivia Hawkins, who tells Digital Spy as part of our Spy in the Island video series that she actually thinks that they are the most compatible couple.

"I didn't actually know this so this is a shock to me," she said. "And I can assure you being in there with them that they have a lot of chemistry. You know, at night, they're the ones that are giggling till God knows what time. They're up chatting and we have to tell them 'Lana and Ron, go to sleep!'

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"Also they have been on a journey so maybe it's harder for viewers to see that, but I can assure you they have lots of chemistry."

Later on the video, she added: "I think the most compatible currently is Lana and Ron. I think from day 1 they've had a journey for sure. The first three weeks I saw Lana have a lot of downs but she's really come out the other side. They're boyfriend and girlfriend. It's Ron's first relationship, and I really think they will go the distance."

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"I really am rooting for them [to win]," she continued, but said that she feels any of the current couples deserve to win.

On the other hand, she was less certain that (the recently dumped) Rosie and Casey will go the distance, stating: "After seeing one of the episodes from the other night, I'm not too sure. I think they're both amazing people but I just think maybe Casey might stray. His head turns quickly."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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