Love Island's Paige Thorne slammed for 'punishing herself' over workout break

Paige Thorne
-Credit: (Image: Instagram)

A Love Island star has been criticised by fans over her latest video.

Paige Thorne, 26, from Swansea, Wales, ranted about feeling "horrific" for skipping workouts for a few days and then having a "punisher" day.

Despite efforts to dismantle the harmful "toxic diet culture" that associates exercise with punishment, it appears Paige of season eight Love Island fame missed the memo.

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In her TikTok confession on her @paigethorne8 account, she revealed that she "didn't work out" and "ate really badly" while away. This lef to her imposing "two hours of cardio" on herself, even though she acknowledged not feeling up for it.

Steve Ahern, a personal trainer from Goal Plans by, has voiced his concerns over the language used.

Please note: The language in the following video may be triggering for some viewers.

Paige expressed her intention to "do a 5K", followed by her usual gym routine, which is perfectly acceptable; however, the term "punisher day" has raised alarm bells.

Steve commented: "Honestly I can't believe that in 2024 we're still seeing toxic diet culture being promoted on social media, especially by influencers who have such significant reach. With half a million followers on TikTok, many of whom are young impressionable girls, Paige's actions could be seen as normalising this damaging behaviour."

The concern over the choice of wording was expressed by various individuals, with comments including: "Her choice of words can be extremely triggering for some people because it sends out a message that not exercising or eating healthy should be punished. You should never feel like you need to punish yourself just because you missed a few workouts or went off your diet while enjoying your holiday."

Interestingly, people commented further on how to compensate in a healthier way, stating: "There's no point in trying to compensate by severely reducing your calories or pushing through an extreme workout as this is not sustainable and will not help you get back on track. Instead, you should just slowly return to your normal diet and workout routine, be gentle on yourself and don't beat yourself up over enjoying your life."

One comment suggested focusing on long-term solutions instead of short term punishments, saying: "The punishment part isn't actually the workouts coming back from holiday it's putting your body through poor diet, poor sleep, and lack of water. It's absolutely fine going on holiday and overindulging as we all do it, but when you come back to reality and come back to your routine, don't think short term, think long term."

Another pointed out the potential danger of such intense workouts, adding: "You're not going to undo your entire holiday in a few rough workouts, this way you're actually more likely to get injured and put you back even further."

Comments expressing worry were also posted on her TikTok, with one saying: "You don't have to punish your body! ! ! ", "Punisher day is crazy, so damaging", added another while a third said: "Punisher day? I thought you were meant to be an influencer".

At present, Paige has yet to respond to a request for comment.