We Love Kate and Meghan, But Royal Style Doesn't Get Better Than Princess Anne's

Isabel Mundigo-Moore
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What do Princess Diana's polka dots, the Queen's matching suit sets, Kate Middleton's coats and everything Meghan Markle wears have in common? They're more prevalent as ever in 2020. However, there is one member of the royal family who deserves a closer look: Princess Anne.

In the shadow of her mum, Queen Elizabeth II, you might not have noticed Princess Anne has been low-key defying our ideas of royal style for decades. From her big-hat obsession (who knew?) and endless stream of Pucci prints and matching accessories to her visor sunglasses and tweeds, Princess Anne has consistently thrown style curveballs over the years and needs be celebrated.

Keep scrolling to see some of Princess Anne's most iconic outfits, most of which are served with a perfect amount of style sass.

Style Notes: Like her mum, Princess Anne loves to match—but with a twist. Layering a plain cape on top? Brilliant.

Style Notes: Sorry, Pharrell and Boy George—Princess Anne was into OTT hats way before us all. I wish we could see the back just take note of the size of that bow.

Style Notes: Calling all designers everywhere: Make this dress.

Style Notes: If you look past the amazingly lime-green jungle hat and mad print dress, there's a style trick we need to resurface. Can we please bring back matching our gloves and bags?

Style Notes: This look is classic 1970s prep and we're here for it. Reminds us to always add a silk scarf.

This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated. Next up: Thigh Slits, Polka Dots, Basket Bags… Behold Kate's Royal Style Reinvention.

Style Notes: Obviously, Princess Anne is more of a hypebae than Kim Kardashian West. Her commitment to visor sunglasses has been unwavering for years.

Style Notes: If I saw this vest on any of the vintage Instagram accounts I follow, I'd snap it up quick.

Style Notes: I'm imagining that both the hat and jacket are Prince Charles's and she tossed them on before running out of the palace for an off-duty ride. Chic.

Style Notes: This suit. This suit!

Style Notes: Um... please just take a minute to soak in those ruffled sleeves. Takes one's breath away.

Style Notes: This yellow is one part "I'm a royal in the '80s" and one part "I'm headed to into a powerful business meeting after this." Sassy.

Style Notes: Not sure if layering a button-down tee over a dress is allowed under royal protocol, but it's a yes in my books.

Style Notes: Amid the prints and large hats, this off-duty outfit might just be my favourite. I love that her and baby Peter Phillips have matching red roll-necks.

Style Notes: Not only has she styled her brown checked blazer with an incredibly lovely scarf, we love how it is asymmetrical. Details, darling, details.

Style Notes: It's a classic royal look, really, but it feels like so much more.

Style Notes: In a world of suits, be Princess Anne in a printed silk skirt suit and matching hat.

Style Notes: From the hat to the coat dress to the handbag, everything about this look is strong.

Style Notes: Pairing white lace dresses with gold heels is such an underrated party outfit. The pearl and metallic party bag just make this look a masterpiece.

Style Notes: The mod years were excellent for Princess Anne. She belted a satin gown!

Style Notes: The outfit might be a classic button down and slacks, but her OTT sunnies take it to a whole new level.

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