Love-struck tigers battle it out to win affections of female in Indian national park

On October 15, tourists at Ranthambore National Park in north India got to view a rare sight of an intense fight between two male tigers.

The fight was between tigers T57 and T58. According to the guides available there the fight happened at Zone 6, in the Kundal area. The two tigers were fighting over over a tigress T39 named Noor.

T57 is a tiger named Singhsth, while T58 is named Rocky, and the pair are brothers, both being sons of the tigress Sharmili. In the fierce fight both got injured, with forest department is closely watching their movement.

According to Sanjeev Sharma, a forest official, there are large numbers of tigers at Ranthambore park, which is why conflicts like this are being seen more frequently, as some tigers are not able to make their territory here.