Lovebox 2018: Festival-goers forced to queue for hours for water in sweltering 30C heat

Alexandra Richards
Queues of up to 100 people were kept waiting to fill up their water bottles in the hot sun: Bennedict Shillito

Festival-goers were left thirsty at Lovebox as they faced hours of queues for water in 30C heat.

Revellers who attended the two day festival in west London over the weekend said they were left in line for more than 30 minutes in the hot sun to fill up their water bottles.

Those who did not have a water bottle to fill up were forced to buy water for £2.50 from the festival bars and restaurants in Gunnersbury Park.

Benedict Shillito, 24, told the Standard: “They just had so few taps.

Many people claimed that the festival was dis-organised (Benedict Shillito)

“They had three in a trough at each of the toilets which I think there were five of.

“The queues were extensive and were easily more than 100 people.

“The bars had barely any queues and could easily have served water on the side.

“My friend fainted and I was forced to buy water at a restaurant.”

Frustrated fans complained about their ordeal on Twitter.

One person wrote: “Lovebox was fab; great line up, nice size, good crowd... Only two complaints were not enough water points at all (queues were massive all day), and it took 2 hours to leave Saturday night as the site was so much busier than Friday and they funnelled us all out of one exit.”

Photos showed crowds of people queueing up to fill up their water bottles as the sun beat down on them.

One person called Megan wrote: “Gotta say though, security and organisation was so bad at Lovebox, nearly got crushed so many times, queues were insanity, so so hard to get water, sound was too quiet and most people there were massive p*****.

Another person said: “would love for Lovebox to be more organised next year, had someone vomit in the queue just to get to another set of queues at box office, not to mention how water was f****** £2.50.”

The Standard has contacted Lovebox for further comment.