Lucas Oil Stadium, a Fan’s Look by the Numbers

Lucas Oil Stadium will host Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. The venue will be the place either the New York Giants or New England Patriots will win the NFL's version of a championship game.

Here's a statistical breakdown of Lucas Oil Stadium, by the numbers.

720 million: The number of dollars estimated to have cost to build the stadium during its initial construction. The Indianapolis Colts contributed just $100 million to the construction costs of the massive facility, which was completed in August 2008.

82 million: The number of dollars estimated cost to build the RCA Dome in 1984. Lucas Oil Stadium replaced the older indoor stadium after 20 years of use. That facility had a capacity of just 57,980 seats.

16,000: The number of tons of steel used in constructing Lucas Oil Stadium. There is a retractable roof, a huge glass window to see the skyline of Indianapolis and a humongous scoreboard above the field.

39,649: The number of parking spaces within a six-block radius of the venue. There is plenty of parking in downtown Indianapolis, even for a huge Super Bowl event.

1: The number of Super Bowls hosted by Indianapolis. That was one major draw for building Lucas Oil Stadium.

68,000: The number of fans who will be in Lucas Oil Stadium to see Super Bowl XLVI. The stadium has a normal capacity of 63,000 people. ESPN reports an average of 64,828 fans watched the Colts play home games in 2011.

137: The number of luxury suites at Lucas Oil Stadium. There are 12 super suites that have televisions in between seats. Eight field-level suites are just 10 feet from the end zone. Suites can hold between eight and 72 guests total.

130,000: The number of cubic yards of concrete poured on site to construct the venue. That means there were hundreds of concrete mixing trucks involved in the construction of the stadium as it was going up.

176,400: The number of square feet opened by the retractable roof. NFL rules stipulate that once the roof is closed during game time, it must remain so from that moment forward. If the weather is due to be inclement or have a temperature of 40 degrees or less, the stadium roof is mandated to be closed. It is ultimately left up to the home team whether or not the roof is open or closed in such stadiums.

William Browning is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs after latching on to the team during the lean years of St. Louis football. Born in the gateway city, he is also a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. He currently resides in Branson, Mo.