Lucky the 'Miracle' Dingo Pup Ventures Out of Den at Australian Zoo

A “miracle” dingo pup named Lucky took her first steps outside her den at a zoo in Somersby, New South Wales, footage shared on June 4 shows.

Lucky is the single surviving pup from the litter of her mother, Adina, who underwent an emergency c-section a month ago, the Australian Reptile Park said in a statement.

The young mammal has been reaching her developmental milestones and is a healthy puppy, the zoo said.

Footage released by the Australian Reptile Park shows Lucky taking her first steps out of a den dug out by Adina.

“She has started emerging on her own to come and say hello to us and is beginning to recognize us," the zoo’s head of mammals Dean Reid said. "It’s an incredible feeling to see this little puppy slowly waddle towards you, especially knowing I’m the one that was by her mother’s side when she was born and cut the umbilical cord.” Credit: Australian Reptile Park via Storyful

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