Lucky sheep survive a 50m (160FT) fall down a cliff

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This dramatic drone footage shows the aftermath of the Jurassic coast's biggest rockfall in decades - including lucky SHEEP who survived a 50m (160FT) fall.

A huge mass of stone - described as the biggest rockfall in 60 years - gave way from the sandstone cliff and boulders the size of cars plummeted to the ground.

The huge landslide was so powerful it uprooted trees which were then seen floating out to sea, near Seatown in Dorset, on Thursday.

But a flock of sheep apparently cheated death, surviving a fall half way down the cliff face - after toppling 50m.

Footage shows them meandering about - as well as a dog walker apparently oblivious to the danger of walking on the unsteady ground.

Musician Frank Smithland, 48, from Poole Dorset, who shot the footage said: "The sheep didn't go all the way down. They ended up halfway up the cliff on the middle ledge. 

"They are stuck 50m from the bottom and 50m from the top! 

"Remarkably the ground they were on seems to have slipped down the cliff relatively intact!"

The Jurassic Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is notable for containing rocks from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods - up to 250 million years ago.

The landfall is thought to have been a result of natural erosion, coupled with the recent mixed weather.

Dorset Council has warned that further falls are expected - and urged residents to stay clear of the area.

The video was taken April 15 2021.