Lucy Letby: nurse fainted after baby could not be revived

Lucy Letby: nurse fainted after baby could not be revived
Lucy Letby: nurse fainted after baby could not be revived

Nurse Lucy Letby fainted at work after she and fellow medics could not revive a baby boy, her murder trial has heard.

Letby, 33, is accused of murdering the newborn triplet on a day shift at the Countess of Chester Hospital’s neo-natal unit in June 2016.

She is alleged to have given a fatal dose of air to the youngster, Child P, and also one of his brothers, Child O, who died a day earlier.

Hereford Times:
Hereford Times:

Child P’s condition deteriorated on June 24 as he required CPR on four separate occasions before he was pronounced dead at 4pm.

Letby received a needle prick to her finger during the final resuscitation attempt, jurors were told.

Routine blood checks were required at the hospital A&E department where Letby later fainted.

She was later offered a lift home by a concerned doctor who friends had previously teased her about flirting with him.

Facebook message exchanges between the pair were read out on Monday at Manchester Crown Court.

The doctor, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, asked Letby: “Have you been seen yet?”

Letby replied: “Yes just got back. I made a fool of myself whilst there.”

The doctor, who was also involved in the resuscitation efforts, said: “I asked them to be quick for you. How did you make a fool of yourself?”


Letby responded: “They said someone had asked for me to been seen asap and they knew what had happened today.

“Everyone talking about it whilst I was there. I fainted.”

The doctor asked: “Oh are you OK now?”

Letby replied: “Bit shaky but OK. Writing my notes. They were reluctant to let me go as on my own.”

The doctor said: “You could have bleeped me. I’m almost a responsible adult!

“Do you need a lift home?”

After she was dropped off by the doctor at her home address, Letby messaged him: “Thank you for the lift and for talking to A&E.”

The doctor said: “I can’t have you walking back in the dark after a rubbish day, mini needlestick and an A&E faint.”

He later asked: “What are u doing? I can’t concentrate on anything.”

Letby said: “Wanting to (cry emoji).”

The doctor said: “Did in car. Must have looked a right mess when I got in.”

Letby replied: “I keep thinking of them (Child O and Child P) both in the cot together. So peaceful yet beyond words how awful it is.

“So sad. The family thanked me when I took (Child P) in dressed. And I know age doesn’t make it any easier/harder but such a lot to go through at a young age.”

The doctor said: “I don’t know how it would be possible to get over losing a child, let alone 2.”

Letby responded with a crying emoji and wrote: “Think my head may explode…”

On June 25 – when Letby is accused of attempting to murder another baby, Child Q, during the morning of a day shift – she messaged the same doctor: “Nice lunch break, Told by mum about needlestick and got a huge lecture about not being careful enough, overworked, doing too much etc.”

Hereford Times:
Hereford Times:

The doctor replied: “That’s not what you need. She’ll be concerned that you’re not looking after yourself. Huge lectures aren’t fun are they?”

Letby said: “My parents worry massively about everything and anything, hate that I live alone etc. Didn’t know whether to tell them or not but I thought I better had in case anything comes of it. Lectures are not fun.”

The doctor responded: “It sounds hard for all of you. I’m sure ‘letting go’ of your child (probably the most precious thing in your life) is difficult, especially if you don’t stay local or do a job renowned for bad conditions and potential risks. What did you tell mum?”

Letby said: “I know, I feel bad because I know it’s really hard for them especially as I’m an only child and they mean well, just a little suffocating at times and constantly feel guilty.

“Told her I was fine, accidents happen, wasn’t anyone’s fault, just one of those things and bloods etc all precautionary.”

Letby, originally from Hereford, denies the murders of seven babies and the attempted murders of 10 others between June 2015 and June 2016.