Lucy Mecklenburgh’s Birthday: Her Fittest Instagram Pics

She’s making a career out of health and fitness.


Copyright [Lucy Mecklenburgh/Instagram]

And Lucy Mecklenburgh’s Instagram is full of fitness inspiration, from a whole collage of moves to poses with various heavy looking weights.

As Lucy celebrates her 24th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her fittest pics.

1. Lucy’s Fit Morning Training Session


Copyright [Lucy Mecklenburgh/Instagram]

“Morning training session with @lydiameck”

Now I don’t know about you, but my morning training sessions tend to involve heavy lifting too… of a piece of toast to my mouth, and of the remote off the side of the sofa to point at the TV.

For Lucy, of course, it involves heavy weights and squats, as this pic from earlier this month proves.

2. Lucy’s Fit Squat


Copyright [Lucy Mecklenburgh/Instagram]

“So this is what I did this morning!!! #Squat #weights #training #booty #hardcore #resultswithlucy #ellesse”

Again, if I were to ask myself what I did this morning, it certainly wouldn’t involve weight lifting. Or any physical exertion of any kind, for that matter.

The camera angle of this shot from August 2015 also shows off the fruit of Lucy’s labour too. Kardashians eat your heart out.

3. Lucy’s Fit Lunge


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“FIT Fridays!!! #RWLfitties #healthybody #RealSweat #RealResults #ResultswithLucy #WeightTraining #Lunges”

It’s not all squats in Lucy’s household, oh no. There are lunges too.

If your Friday involves a take-away, a drink and falling asleep in front of the sofa, then just take a look at Lucy’s ‘FIT’ version of the end of the week.

That pink top is the perfect way to show off Lucy’s hard work. Gorge.

4. Lucy’s Fit Bicep


Copyright [Lucy Mecklenburgh/Instagram]

“LET’S DO THIS!! Beach Body with Lucy week 4 workout & 20 mins weight training #BeachBodywithLucy #ResultswithLucy #RealFood #RealSweat #RealResults #bodyconfidence #healthybody #healthymind”

Squats, lunges, and also one-armed weight lifting. With impressive biceps. Is there anything Lucy won’t tackle fitness-wise? And she wants us on board.

If you’re lacking in motivation somewhat, Lucy’s many hashtags will help focus your mind on your goals.

5. Lucy’s Fit Multi-tasking

Copyright [Lucy Mecklenburgh/Instagram]

“Saturday morning workout in my pin curls #fitness #healthybody”

If you thought you didn’t have time to fit in a workout, take a lesson from Lucy’s multi-tasking. You can get in shape whilst sculpting your hair in pin curls.

And yes, this is all occurring on a Saturday morning, when many others aren’t even vertical until the afternoon.

Now that is what a thoroughly modern woman is all about.

Keep sharing your fit pics Lucy, and we’ll keep admiring your commitment.