Lucy Rose interview: 'I saw a UFO while driving down a country lane once'

Samuel fishwick

Lucy Rose, by any other name, would still sound as sweet — although bittersweet is more accurate for the singer-songwriter. Or “chirpy in real life, f***ing miserable in music”, as she describes herself.

Her new album, No Words Left, is a haunting album about coming to terms with the world she lives in. Rose, 29, who shot to fame in the UK’s indie-folk scene as an unofficial member of Bombay Bicycle Club in 2010, is back, with all the feels. Here are a few of them.

What would you save if your house was falling into a sinkhole?

My first thought is that it might just be a relief to have a fresh start. But I’ve got a dog and a husband, so I feel bad now. I’d go back for the things that are living.

Most out-there moment?

My mum and I saw a UFO driving home down a country lane. We saw a green, floating circular thing with lights. My mum told me to call the police, then we thought better of it.

Guiltiest pleasure?

I just watched the UK version of The Bachelor. Twelve women all fighting over one man — what a lovely idea.

Favourite smell?

I’ve got such a sensitive sense of smell I’d choose to smell nothing if I could. There are more bad smells than good in the world. But the smell of bacon is good, even though we should all stop eating meat.

Worst job?

Working at Karen Millen, when I got to London aged 18 with no money. I had to steam dresses in the windowless basement for hours.

Best moment on stage?

Playing the Other Stage at Glastonbury was amazing.


When you’ve all eaten something bad before a show and it has to go on. We’re talking trumps.

Best pub quiz fact?

Tulips are the only flower that carries on growing after they’ve been cut.

No Words Left is out now