Luggage chaos and delays at London's Heathrow Airport

Suitcases are massed next to the luggage belt at London's Heathrow Airport. A woman travelling from Mauritius via a connection in Dubai filmed the chaotic scenes as she waited for more than two hours to go through passport checks and collect her suitcases. "I was really frustrated from the moment we disembarked. The queues at passport checks were long. People were shocked. The luggage collection was extremely bad. We landed at 7 and I had my suitcase at 9.06. People were very upset and the same suitcases keep turning on the belt". When asked whether she spoke to the airport staff about the situation, the filmer said that "there was nobody to speak to in the luggage collection area except for lost suitcases". The woman also said: "We could hear people shouting from another belt next to us before an announcement said that the suitcases would have taken an hour to arrive". Passengers travelling from and to Heathrow Airport have been experiencing delays and returning luggage issues for many months. To cope with rising passenger numbers and baggage handling delays, the airport has recently capped passenger numbers.