Luisa Zissman forced to defend herself after going on holiday without her children

If there is one thing that Internet trolls love to do it is criticise others from behind their keyboards, with businesswoman Luisa Zissman finding herself in the firing line after she dared to go on a three-day holiday without her two children.

Luisa is mum to six-year-old Dixie and three-month-old Indigo and has been sharing candid snapshots from her sunny break on Instagram, much to some of her followers’ dismay.

Luisa was criticised for enjoying a three-day break.
Luisa was criticised for enjoying a three-day break.

In fact, trolls took to the comment section of her photos to remark that they could “never” leave their own children so soon after giving birth, with one going so far as to say that Luisa’s three-day holiday is “just not right”.

The star promptly hit back at the haters, informing the nosey parkers that she had every confidence in her husband and mum, who were looking after Dixie and Indigo in her absence.

She wrote: “Each to their own but I have no issues leaving my bubbas in the care of daddy & grandma. I know daddy is just as capable as mummy & probably a lot more patient haha, also he LOVES having her!!

Luisa welcomed baby Indigo back in August.
Luisa welcomed baby Indigo back in August.

“I don’t understand why people think EVERYTHING baby related is down to mumma. There are two parents to share the cuddles and both need some me time. Three nights away is hardly going to kill anyone! Ridiculous.

“All I assume is these women have s**t incapable partners!”

But Luisa didn’t end things there and was unable to resist a cheeky jibe at the haters as she shared a photo of herself flying home from hols in business class.

Luisa couldn't resist one last swipe as she flew home.
Luisa couldn’t resist one last swipe as she flew home.

The star joked: “Homeward bound, best hubby ever has sent me home business. Been a wonderful few days with my bestie @rachaellalji now home to my children, I really hope they remember me after having not seen me for 72hrs.

“I’m praying that they aren’t emotionally scarred for being away from me for 72hrs too. Fingers crossed for their future emotionally & mentally.”

Oh, Luisa Zissman – please don’t ever change.

By: Stephanie Soteriou

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