Luisa Zissman’s Foul-Mouthed Twitter Rant

Apprentice star Luisa Zissman has attacked Internet trolls who accused her of asking for freebies.

Credit: Flynet

The mum-of-two only gave birth to her second child, daughter Indigo Esme last week, but is already thinking about getting back into shape.

The 29-year-old took to Twitter this morning to ask advice from her followers on which Fitbit fitness tracker to choose.

Tweeting: ‘So I’ve had a week, best start 2 shift my baby weight first step ordering myself a @fitbituk but what 1 to choose? @Fitbitsupport.’ (Sic)

Credit: Instagram/Luisa Zissman

However, the innocent tweet seemed to rub some users of the social media site up the wrong way, and they began accusing her of fishing for freebies.

With one user commenting: ‘oh my god @fitbituk, I appeared on TV once please give me a free one…u can afford one so buy one!’ (Sic)

While another one added: ‘Why don’t you get the one you pay for? #Freebie’ (Sic)

Quick to defend herself, Luisa launched a foul-mouth tirade, tweeting: ‘Why, when I tweet about a product do ppl troll me & think I want it free. Obvs I can afford a f*****g Fitbit. All I want is advice on what one! (Sic)

Closely followed by a second similar tweet: ‘Literally, I hate social media sometimes every1 is such a faceless c**t on it!!!!’ (Sic)

Credit: Flynet

Ouch, no holding back there Luisa! We hope buying the Fitbit is much less stressful!

Earlier in the week, a calmer Luisa shared an adorable snap of close pal, TV host Rylan, cuddling her newborn baby girl. Aww! So cute.

Credit: Twitter/Luisa Zissman