Luke Cage Kicks Ass In Awesome New Trailer


Could Luke Cage be any more badass?

Standing up against a gang of seedy criminals in the latest Marvel TV trailer, ‘Luke Cage’ shows us exactly why he earned the name Power Man. We’ll give you a hint: it’s not because he’s particularly diplomatic.

Still, at least he’s there to stand up for the little guy.

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Mike Colter returns as the iconic superhero ‘Luke Cage’ in the latest Marvel Netflix series. But while Iron Man has a robotic suit and Captain America has his iconic shield, it looks as though Luke Cage has only his strength and wits to rely on.

Oh, and his completely impervious skin.


All his greatest superhero qualities are showcased in this impressive trailer, which sees Luke stepping in to sort out some ‘differences’ between a restaurant owner and the thugs who are presumably running a protection racket.

And as you can imagine, it doesn’t end peacefully.

“I don’t like your tone,” Luke says to the gang’s leader. “You’re being disrespectful - it’s unnecessary.” But while Luke can’t help but step in at the first sign of trouble, it’s not the Hero for Hire who throws the first punch. That honour goes to the poor thug who clocks Luke right in the face… and watches as his fist crumples against Luke’s iron jaw.


Of course, it doesn’t take long for someone to pull a gun - but even that won’t stop Luke in his tracks, as he catches a bullet in the palm of his hand and drops it to the floor. And then, he manages to subdue the entire gang without even breaking a sweat.

But it’s more than just a superhero show.

“We’re doing things that people are thinking about and not just playing it safe,” said Colter in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “People need to see themselves or feel like they’re being represented in a real, honest, and three-dimensional way.”

Reflecting on the socio-political landscape of modern day Harlem, it looks as though ‘Luke Cage’ is going places other superhero projects can’t. He’s big, he’s super-powered and he’s ready to kick ass.

And it looks as though ‘Luke Cage’ is the hero we all need.

‘Luke Cage’ heads to Netflix on 30 September 2016.

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Picture Credit: Netflix

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