Lula promises to put an end to 'devastation era' when swearing in for his term in Brazil

Lula promises to put an end to 'devastation era' when swearing in for his term in Brazil

Fighting back tears and breaking with some of the traditions, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been sworn in as Brazil's president for the third time on Sunday.

In a day busy with an number official duties, Lula and his team made sure the first day in office was filled with symbolism.

At the country's Parliament in Brasilia, Lula spoke in front of lawmakers and representatives from other countries gathered in the capital. There Lula declared what he called the end of one of the worst periods in Brazilian history:

" Democracy was the great victor in this election, overcoming the greatest mobilization of public and private resources ever seen by opposition, the most violent threats to the freedom of the people, the most abject campaign of lies and hatred - plots to manipulate and embarrass the Brazilian electorate. Never (in Brazil's history) have State resources been so distorted in favor of an authoritarian project of power."

Lula spoke of ending an era of devastation and also said those guilty of crimes against the nation will be eventually punished, without mentioning his predecessor's name directly.

Since Jair Bolsonaro's refusal to participate in the handing over of power, the energised left-wing president took the opportunity to showcase a new phase of reconciliation, environmental preservation and social justice on his return to power.

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