Lula supporters celebrate election victory in Brazil amid Bolsonaro silence

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva may have won Brazil's presidential election.

But observers on the ground say there is also a certain tension in the air.

Right-wing incumbent Jair Bolsonaro lost Sunday's vote by the slimmest of margins and his silence since the result was announced has people perplexed.

He's yet to acknowledge his defeat to the leftist Lula, who has already been congratulated by world leaders including Argentinian president Alberto Fernández who came in person to Sao Paolo to meet him.

However, as Lula moves forward, people are wondering what Bolsonaro's next move will be.

That Bolsonaro lost by only 2% points to deep divisions in Brazil.

"We had gone through four years of a lot of inhumanity and a lot of inequality and a lot of exclusion," explained jazz club manager Pedro Xavier. "I voted for Lula yesterday, and I am very happy for his victory today."

His joy contrasts with the disappointment and anger of those at the other end of the political spectrum.

Hundreds of pro-Bolsonaro truckers blocked a highway near Rio de Janeiro on Monday in protest at the election result.

For Lula and his fans, it's an amazing comeback and a swing to the left, but the country now faces a long two long months until inauguration day on January first.

No one is sure what ex-army captain Bolsonaro will do in the meantime.