How to get luminous skin in January

Katie Service
Jimmy Bae/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

It’s mid-January, so by now that green juice diet should have left you with luminous skin, right?

Unfortunately the reality of crash dieting is often quite the reverse: delayed onset booze flare-ups, peaky dullness and sugar withdrawal spots. Yuk. But I have a solution. Or rather Glossier, the zaniest millennial brand to arrive from the States, has ‘Solution’, a new exfoliating lotion containing my latest skincare obsession, PHAs.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with chemical exfoliants AHAs and BHAs, but PHAs (polyhydroxy acids) are a whole new kettle of fish.

Due to their larger molecule size and moisturising properties, they work twice as hard but are dramatically less irritating than their siblings — and so when combined with them make formulas less abrasive to sensitive types, pregnant women or those who want an overnight peel with all the glow but none of the morning-after red and rawness.

You can also find them in Zelens PHA+ Bio-Peels, handy little glow bombs that knock off dull skin in just 24 hours. Trust me — this is the best January diet you’ll ever try.