Lunchtime Snooze: English Toddler Can't Stay Awake While Eating

Staying awake through the day’s lunchtime slump can be hard, and for a 23-month-old girl living in southwest England, the task seemed almost impossible.

Ivy, who is turning 2 in March, was enjoying the lunch her mom had made for her when she started to get a bit sleepy.

Laura Pearce, Ivy’s mom, posted footage of the funny moment to Twitter on February 6.

The video begins with Ivy chewing her food as she is nodding off, eyes closed, looking like she may be close to falling completely asleep. Ivy’s head drops a few times, and she jolts awake for a moment. Eventually she grabs another handful of her lunch at the end of the footage.

Pearce captioned the video, “It was a hard morning…” By the looks of it, Ivy would have to agree. Credit: Laura Pearce via Storyful