Luxury Harrods bed costs more than an entire house in Blackpool - but comes with free delivery

A terraced street in Blackpool
-Credit: (Image: James Maloney)

How much is too much for a bed? £1,000? £2,000?... £166,325?

Shoppers with a serious money to burn can surely expect the sweetest of dreams if they splurged that eyewatering amount on a luxury double bed. And luckily for those on the fence about splurging the equivalent of a three-bed terraced house on the the Rocco No.1, it comes with free delivery.

The swanky cot is a 2.1m-wide emperor size bed, and is available from - where else - luxury London department store Harrods

The blurb says its "hand-selected Carrara marble surround" and "upholstered panelling combine to create the pinnacle of comfort and design". And curved side tables and brushed gold lights are "seamlessly incorporated into the headboard".


The store in Knightsbridge, West London, adds that with "100 years of experience in crafting bespoke beds, every detail of the Rocco is carefully considered".

A photo of a luxury bed sold in Harrods for £166,000
SAVOIR Rocco No.1 Bed £166,325 GRABBED -Credit:No credit

In comparison, the average house price in the North East last year was £166,000. In Gateshead, a three-bed terrace could go for £155,000. Across the country, in Blackpool, Lancs, the average house price was £156,558.

Harrods is famed for its ultra-expensive offerings, including a £28 Wagyu beef sandwich made with gold mustard mayonnaise, and a £3,999 ironing board featuring Swarovski crystals.