Lyme disease and ticks: Expert Dominic Dyer offers insight into how to protect yourself and your pets

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Watch out: ticks about (Getty)
Watch out: ticks about (Getty)

As the weather gets warmer, ticks - the pesky insects which can spread lyme disease - become increasingly active.

While - hopefully - enjoying greater freedoms outdoors this summer, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your pets from these bugs.

What is the risk? Ticks can spread lyme disease, which can cause symptoms such as a rash, joint pain and loss of energy, and more severe symptoms if the infection goes untreated.

Watch the video below

The Independent asked readers what they would like us to ask Dominic Dyer, a wildlife campaigner, writer and broadcaster, as we sat down with him on the topic.

The expert answered questions on how to protect dogs, yourself and where the biggest risks from ticks were in our Q&A session.

It comes as there has been a huge surge in cases in recent years.

While just 30 cases were recorded in 1996 this has shot up to more than 1,700 infections a year.

On average, eight Brits a day catch Lyme disease from ticks. To find out more watch our interview in the video above.

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