I’m 19 - But people think I’m a toddler

A TEENAGER, who is often mistaken for a toddler because of her short stature, became a viral sensation due to her incredible performance abilities. At the age of 19, Aboli Jarit, from Nagpur, India, is only 3ft 4" tall. Aboli was born with a chronic kidney disease that affects her bone development and other vital organs. When she reached her teenage years, her condition deteriorated to the point where she was unable to walk. But despite the challenges she has been facing, this young woman is an inspiration to others - she is a professional singer and dancer and is in her second year of college. Aboli has never allowed her condition to hold her back and to showcase her abilities; she decided to enter a talent contest and has recently participated in Indian Idol - one of India’s most popular singing shows. Aboli told Truly: “Today I have more than 6,000 followers. In the future, I plan to become a successful singer and, if given a chance, to also become an actor. And if I am able to do it others will also.”

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