‘I’m adjusting to normal life: Lauren Goodger returns to work after the death of her newborn daughter

The reality TV star was hit by a double tragedy  (Getty)
The reality TV star was hit by a double tragedy (Getty)

Former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has confirmed she’s returned to work following the death of her newborn daughter.

The 35-year-old tragically lost her baby girl Lorena due to complications at birth days after the death of her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean.

Taking to Instagram Story, the TV personality revealed that she had now found her “fire and drive” as she shared a selfie with “fresh lip filler” and said she was adjusting to “normal life.”

She penned: “My first day back to work today shooting. After taking a break for my mind after everything I’ve been through, I decided to find that fire & drive in me.’

“Slowly and bit by bit Lauren is coming back may I never be the same again but I’m adjusting to normal life and it feels good thank you. make up @makeupwithamanie.”

In July, the reality TV star announced that her daughter, Lorena, had passed away following complications at birth.

On the day of Lorena’s funeral, Goodger was allegedly assaulted and left with a broken cheekbone. Her boyfriend, Charles Drury, 25, was later arrested and bailed following the incident.

Days before her newborn daughter’s passing, the reality TV star was left in shock at the death of her ex-boyfriend, who lost his life when his car plunged 70ft off a cliff in Turkey.

Earlier this week, she vowed to be “strong” for her daughter Larose, one, as she reflected on the “hard days” she has faced.

In a candid post, the ITVBe star bravely detailed her grief online and once again poured her heart out while announcing that she has started a social-media page to document her fitness journey.

Speaking to her 894,000 Instagram followers, Goodger spoke about the body she “hated” after back-to-back pregnancies.

She wrote on her Instagram Stories: “I’ve been through a lot lately and still have my hard days or nights I wake up crying etc.

“But I am strong and I have a little princess who I need to show how to be kind, strong, and an independent woman etc. I’ve had two babies back to back and my body I feel I hated, I wasn’t me. I lost myself completely.

“I’ve lost some weight now (baby weight) and I’ve just gone back to the gym (today) so I’ve started a new page @laurengoodgerbodyx.

“I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a PT, everything I show is my own. Things I will show... my cooking, my training and my body and I am also not selling nothing. It’s just for fun.”