I’m a Celeb: Chris Moyles ‘nearly drowning’ in Bushtucker Trial sparks debate among fans

I’m a Celebrity’s first Bushtucker Trial has resulted in some viewer concerns over Chris Moyles’s safety.

During Monday night’s (7 November) episode of the much-loved survival programme, four contestants took part in the first big task of the season, in order to win meals for the camp.

Moyles, Boy George, Scarlette Douglas and Olivia Attwood had been selected via a public vote to compete in a trial named “HMS Drown Under”.

While Moyles and Boy George were placed in tanks with goggles over their eyes, Attwood and Douglas were in charge of unscrewing taps that were hidden in small holes in a wall, dodging spiders, snakes, entrails and other unsavoury items.

As Attwood and Douglas unscrewed, Moyles and Boy George’s tanks began to fill with cold water that steadily rose as the challenge progressed.

As time went on, the Radio X DJ became increasingly nervous.

The task ended after 10 minutes, and Moyles and Boy George were released from the tanks. Although both celebrities were unharmed, some fans of the programme shared their concerns on social media.

“Thought I was about to watch Chris Moyles drown,” one viewer tweeted.

“That looked a bit dangerous that task, I couldn’t stand that the water was so high, I’d have well panicked,” added another, while others expressed sympathy for Moyles, who admitted he “panicked” at one point in the trial.

Chris Moyles in the I’m a Celeb task, ‘HMS Drown Under’ (ITV)
Chris Moyles in the I’m a Celeb task, ‘HMS Drown Under’ (ITV)

“I feel so sorry for Chris,” the viewer began. “That is so claustrophobic. That was something out of a horror movie. Even my Dad who’s hard as nails said that was dangerous and too close for comfort.”

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that comedian Babatunde Aléshé had been selected as the next celebrity to undertake a Bushtucker Trial.

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I’m a Celebrity continues on ITV on Tuesday (8 November) at the slightly later than usual time of 9.15pm.