I’m a Celebrity 2022 – live updates: Olivia Attwood shares why she left, plus her thoughts on Matt Hancock

I’m a Celebrity 2022 – live updates: Olivia Attwood shares why she left, plus her thoughts on Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock has settled into jungle life on I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! and, as expected, the public keep voting for him to do all the gruesome trials.

His arrival at the camp has been met with mixed emotions, with Boy George crying on camera, and Charlene White schooling the former health secretary over his decision to join the show.

Olivia Attwood, who was the first to exit, having been forced to drop out of the competition due to a medical matter less than 24 hours after she entered the jungle, said of Hancock after she left: “It’s funny to see him slimed and gunked but it isn’t funny if you didn’t get to hold someone’s hand when they died while he was snogging someone in his office.

“NHS workers are protesting to get paid enough money to survive and he is out earning money in the jungle. That doesn’t seem right, does it?”

Hosts Ant and Dec also wasted no time getting a dig in there after the politician said he was an Ed Sheeran fan.

The popular ITV reality series has returned for its 20th season, which is taking place in the jungle in Australia for the first time since 2019 after a two-year stint in Wales due to the pandemic. Read The Independent’s review of the debut episode – which aired on 6 November – here.

Tensions in the camp have already risen after Boy George accused Charlene White of being “controlling” after the Loose Women presenter took the lead in the kitchen.

And Seann Walsh opened up about his Strictly cheating scandal to Corrie star Sue Cleaver.

Hancock meanwhile, confided in the campmates that he he is looking for “forgiveness” after his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and his breaking of lockdown rules.

Read updates on the latest jungle antics below...

I’m a Celeb 2022

09:11 , Ellie Harrison

Good morning! We’re back to blog the latest updates from the jungle...

First up we’ve got the full story about why Olivia Attwood was forced to quit the show.

Olivia Attwood gives tell-all interview about why she had to quit I’m a Celebrity

Saturday 12 November 2022 14:52 , Ellie Harrison

We’re pausing the live blog for a night, and will be back on Sunday 13 November

Saturday 12 November 2022 14:35 , Ellie Harrison

Miriam Margolyes is not happy about Matt Hancock being on the show...

Saturday 12 November 2022 13:30 , Ellie Harrison

So this happened last night...

Saturday 12 November 2022 12:30 , Ellie Harrison

Enough said:

Saturday 12 November 2022 12:00 , Ellie Harrison

Could you guess Zara Tindall’s place in line to the throne? The campmates couldn’t, much to Mike Tindall’s dismay...

I’m a Celebrity stars fail to guess Zara Tindall’s place in line to the throne

Saturday 12 November 2022 11:00 , Ellie Harrison

Sue Cleaver told an incredible story to her fellow campmates last night.

Here’s a recap...

Fans react to Sue Cleaver’s ‘unbelievable’ birth mother story: ‘Mind-blowing’

Saturday 12 November 2022 10:45 , Ellie Harrison

My colleague Jessie Thompson has imagined a dystopian world where Matt Hancock wins the show...

What will happen if Matt Hancock actually wins I’m a Celeb?

Saturday 12 November 2022 10:00 , Ellie Harrison

Here’s a look back to all the I’m a Celeb winners to date...

Every I’m a Celebrity winner and what they did next

So long Kiosk Keith

Saturday 12 November 2022 09:30 , Ellie Harrison

Ever wonder what happened to him?

Here’s what we know...

Where is Kiosk Keith? Why I’m a Celebrity staple was ‘fired’ after 15 years

Saturday 12 November 2022 08:42 , Ellie Harrison

Morning! Here’s a look at one of the biggest talking points from last night...

I’m a Celeb stars support tearful Matt Hancock after he makes ‘forgiveness’ plea

Friday 11 November 2022 22:40 , Jacob Stolworthy

That’s it for this evening – join us again for another episode (and another Matt Hancock Bushtucker Trial) tomorrow.

Friday 11 November 2022 22:12 , Jacob Stolworthy

Matt Hancock and Owen Warner will be facing the next trial, which will be watched by all of their campmates.

Friday 11 November 2022 22:10 , Jacob Stolworthy

Time to find out which two campmates are facing the next Bushtucker Trial.

Friday 11 November 2022 22:10 , Jacob Stolworthy

Seann Walsh talking about Matt Hancock’s good interview technique. Has he... actually ever seen him be interviewed?

Friday 11 November 2022 22:02 , Jacob Stolworthy

Chris Moyles isn’t buying it. “I think he’s not being real,” he says. “He’s trying to portray that he’s being honest and it’s eating away at me.”

Friday 11 November 2022 22:01 , Jacob Stolworthy

An emotional Matt Hancock tells Charlene White that he’s looking for “forgiveness”.

Friday 11 November 2022 22:00 , Jacob Stolworthy

Chris Moyles saying “we were liking you on the briefings”, telling him “you were articulate and human”.

Wait, wait wait... who’s “we’”?

Friday 11 November 2022 21:59 , Jacob Stolworthy

Charlene White tells Matt Hancock how her aunt died and she was not able to see her, “so ‘sorry’ for a lot of families like mine doesn’t really cut it”.

His reply: “Thats one of the reasons that I... regret it as much as I do.”

Friday 11 November 2022 21:58 , Jacob Stolworthy

Matt Hancock addressing his Covid rulebreak, saying he “fell in love”.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:50 , Jacob Stolworthy

A question arises about Mike Tindall’s wife Zara, and Seann Walsh says: “Who’s Zara?’

My prediction: he knew and was trying (and failing) to be funny.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:48 , Jacob Stolworthy

One for the pub quiz fans there: Madonna’s “Material Girl” did not make it to number one, but “Frozen” did. Remember it!

Friday 11 November 2022 21:45 , Jacob Stolworthy

It’s Kiosk Kev time, which might leave viewers wondering: where the hell is Kios Keith?

Friday 11 November 2022 21:39 , Jacob Stolworthy

Sue Cleaver just shared an incredible about a coincidental encounter with her biological parents when she was in her 20s having never met them before.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:36 , Jacob Stolworthy

OK, the name of the next task got me. It’s ‘Who Wants to Look Silly On-Air?’

Friday 11 November 2022 21:34 , Jacob Stolworthy

Matt Hancock is flossing to get the fish eye and sheep’s bum out of his teeth.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:33 , Jacob Stolworthy

DJ Chris Moyles asking the big questions: “21 Second” or “Do You Really Like It?”?

Friday 11 November 2022 21:32 , Jacob Stolworthy

Anyway, they got 11 stars. Good effort.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:31 , Jacob Stolworthy

The irony of all of this is everyone laughing along with Matt Hancock is making me want to retch.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:29 , Jacob Stolworthy

If you’d told Boy George he’d one day be sat opposite Matt Hancock in the Australian jungle scoffing fermented tofu back during Covid times, he would have probably had some stern words for you.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:28 , Jacob Stolworthy

Boy George is back on the fermented stuff – this time tofu. and yes, he’s retching.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:28 , Jacob Stolworthy

Matt Hancock is now eating cow’s anus. We repeat: Matt Hancock is now eating cow’s anus.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:27 , Jacob Stolworthy

We have some retching! Courtesy of Boy George eating six fermented plums.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:26 , Jacob Stolworthy

Matt Hancock is now eating a sheep vagina. We repeat: Matt Hancock is now eating a sheep vagina.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:25 , Jacob Stolworthy

“Is it a good time to tell you I’ve never voted Tory?” Boy George says, midway through eating it.

“That’s not news, George,” Hancock replies.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:25 , Jacob Stolworthy

Boy George is eating a vomit fruit, which, let’s be hoenst, doesn’t sound appetising.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:24 , Jacob Stolworthy

Matt Hancock now up with a dish called willy con carne. We’re saying nothing.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:23 , Jacob Stolworthy

He described the experience as the same as smelling Sue Cleaver’s “charcoal fart” the other day. Thanks for that.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:23 , Jacob Stolworthy

Boy George is now eating a duck egg cocktail. his verdict? “Oh my God, that’s disgusting.”

Friday 11 November 2022 21:22 , Jacob Stolworthy

Hancock is now downing an insect cocktail and eating a wittchety grub. Worlds away from that podium.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:19 , Jacob Stolworthy

Hancock has eaten the fish eye. A big gulp and a Scooby Doo swallow later, and it’s gone.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:14 , Jacob Stolworthy

First up in the eating challenge: tacos filled with raw fish eyes. Yum.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:11 , Jacob Stolworthy

Owen Warner is gutted he didn’t get picked for the eating challenge because he’s so hungry.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:10 , Jacob Stolworthy

Aspiring comedian Chris Moyles on Matt getting picked for the Bushtucker Trial: ‘So surprised it was Matt!’

Friday 11 November 2022 21:09 , Jacob Stolworthy

Sue is angry with Matt Hancock for leaving the water he used to shave in a bowl.

Low down the list of reasons we’re all angry with him, but hey.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:07 , Jacob Stolworthy

The matter has been concluded: Boy George DID take it, but so he could fold it up for her. Egg meet face.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:06 , Jacob Stolworthy

Sue Cleaver is furious because someone has nicked her towel. She’s blaming Boy George. In case you were wondering.

Friday 11 November 2022 21:04 , Jacob Stolworthy

Ant and Dec are hyping up the fact Matt Hancock is about to eat penis and vagina. Their words, not mine.

Friday 11 November 2022 20:40 , Jacob Stolworthy

This is your 20-minute warning! Get those teas (or wines) ready.

Friday 11 November 2022 20:20 , Jacob Stolworthy

Meanwhile, Matt Hancock is predictably getting voted to do all the trials.

Annoyingly, he did really well in last night’s.

Friday 11 November 2022 20:00 , Jacob Stolworthy

You can find a timeline of Sean Walsh’s career to date here....

A timeline of Seann Walsh’s career, from Strictly scandal to I’m a Celeb

Friday 11 November 2022 19:40 , Jacob Stolworthy

Last night’s episode saw Seann Walsh speak out on his cheating scandal.

Seann Walsh says ex’s statement on cheating scandal was ‘the end of me’

Friday 11 November 2022 18:52 , Jacob Stolworthy

Wondering what’s in store this evening? Wonder no more.

Friday 11 November 2022 14:30 , Ellie Harrison

Ever wonder what happened to Kiosk Keith?

All your answers are here...

Where is Kiosk Keith? Why I’m a Celebrity staple was ‘fired’ after 15 years

Friday 11 November 2022 14:00 , Ellie Harrison

Seann Walsh reflected on his Strictly kissing scandal last night and the impact it had. Here’s a reminder of what happened...

Seann Walsh says ex’s statement on cheating scandal was ‘the end of me’

Friday 11 November 2022 13:38 , Ellie Harrison

We’ve just heard that Boy George will be munching on fermented plums in tonight’s trial... doesn’t sound too horrific!

Friday 11 November 2022 11:03 , Ellie Harrison

My colleague Jessie Thompson has imagined what it would be like if Hancock won I’m a Celebrity and became an influencer.


What will happen if Matt Hancock actually wins I’m a Celeb?

Matt Hancock is bringing in the numbers

Friday 11 November 2022 10:30 , Ellie Harrison

According to the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB), 7.59 million people tuned in to watch Matt Hancock and Seann Walsh arrive in the jungle on Wednesday 9 November, while the season five premiere of The Crown on Netflix was watched by 1.11 million

Is Matt Hancock’s plan working?

Friday 11 November 2022 10:01 , Ellie Harrison

ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly has revealed the results of a poll on whether people believe Hancock is successfully rehabilitating his image by being on I’m a Celebrity.

Some 42.8 per cent of the respondents said yes, with the remaining 57.2 per cent answering no.

Read more here...

Is I’m a Celeb helping or harming Matt Hancock’s reputation? Lorraine asks viewers

And it’s over!

Thursday 10 November 2022 22:34 , Annabel Nugent

That’s that, folks. Episode five of I’m a Celeb is done and dusted! Check back here for all updates as and when they come in... Good night!

Does Matt Hancock know the lyrics to ‘Sweet Caroline’?

Thursday 10 November 2022 22:26 , Annabel Nugent

That episode ended on a joyous note with all the campmates singing along to “Sweet Caroline”.

Viewers couldn’t help but notice, though, that Hancock didn’t appear to know the lyrics to the popular song.

Seann Walsh speaks out on his cheating scandal

Thursday 10 November 2022 22:22 , Annabel Nugent

It seems a lot of people are clearing the air this episode, not least Seann Walsh who addressed his 2018 cheating scandal.

Seann Walsh says ex’s statement on cheating scandal was ‘the end of me’

I’m a Celebrity fans regretfully applaud Matt Hancock for ‘smashing’ latest trial

Thursday 10 November 2022 22:17 , Annabel Nugent

Viewers had to hand it to him, Matt Hancock did well on that challenge...

I’m a Celebrity fans regretfully applaud Matt Hancock for ‘smashing’ latest trial

Grub's up!

Thursday 10 November 2022 22:14 , Annabel Nugent

It’s official: Boy George and Matt Hancock will be doing the first eating challenge of the series.

Sweeeet Caroline

Thursday 10 November 2022 22:12 , Annabel Nugent

For her luxury item, Jill Scott asked for three plays of “Sweet Caroline”, which, of course, led to a sing-along instantly.

Christmas has come early – luxury items for everyone!

Thursday 10 November 2022 22:09 , Annabel Nugent

Matt Hancock is playing at Santa, handing out luxury items to the campmates.

Scarlett received a compilation of drawings from her nephews and nieces, while Boy George has got a customised polka dot shirt for the jungle. “I like to stand out from the crowd,” said the singer.

Trouble at dinner time, no more

Thursday 10 November 2022 22:02 , Annabel Nugent

Tonight’s dinner was a lovely affair, earning high praise from Jill Scott: “If I was at a restaurant and ordered that meal, I’d be giving it five stars.”

Jet lag or jet lack?

Thursday 10 November 2022 22:00 , Annabel Nugent

Oh Owen... the Eastenders star has gone his whole life thinking it was “jet lack”! Better late than never

Mission accomplished – now time for tea

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:59 , Annabel Nugent

Matt, Sean, Jill and Scarlette have won the camp their luxury items after succeeding in their secret mission.

They’ve also won a flask of tea and some cherry bakewells just for themselves – what a treat!

Team spirit!

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:56 , Annabel Nugent

Jill Scott has the other campmates in a good mood, chantig along to a Lionesses song – who cares if it’s made up?

‘Most uncomfortable thing I’ve had to do'

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:53 , Annabel Nugent

Jill Scott had an uncomfortable chat with Charlene White after having to tell her she turned off an episode of Loose Women as part of a secret mission... awkward.

Mission Impossible

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:50 , Annabel Nugent

Seann Walsh and Matt Hancock are emerging as the closest of pals, as the duo have been tasked with a “secret mission”...

‘You were grabbing booty, bruv!’

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:48 , Annabel Nugent

Babatunde Aleshe called out Matt Hancock over his Covid kissing scandal after the politician said he “fell in love”.

Who is Seann Walsh and why is he controversial?

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:47 , Annabel Nugent

Matt Hancock isn’t the only contentious contestant.

Tensions rise between Sue Cleaver and Seann Walsh about Matt Hancock

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:29 , Annabel Nugent

A bit of drama has surfaced after Sue and Seann seem to have differing opinion on Matt’s arrival into the camp.

“He has constituents!” Sue told Walsh, who appeared to defend Hancock.

And he’s done... for now, at least

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:25 , Annabel Nugent

Matt Hancock faced his fear of snakes and eels to bring home 11 stars.

Air hole or...?

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:21 , Annabel Nugent

There was a bit of playful miscommunication there as Ant and Dec joked about Hancock’s “air hole” during the challenge.

“What did you just call him?” said Ant, to which Dec replied: “I said, AIR hole.”

And the jokes keep coming...

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:20 , Annabel Nugent

As Hancock faces crocodiles and eels in the underwater challenge, Ant and Dec joke that he has probably got experience handling snakes in Westminster.

“Let’s have a laugh afterwards,” replied Hancock.

Of course, an ad break just as things get good...

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:13 , Annabel Nugent

Matt Hancock is about to do his second trial in 48 hours...

Boy George does face yoga

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:10 , Annabel Nugent

Hrmm... that’s a new one.

Matt Hancock talks conspiracies

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:07 , Annabel Nugent

The politician has firmly denied the conspiracy theory that suggested he and Bill Gates worked together to produce the Covid vaccine so that they could implant 5G chips in everyone... good to know.

Here we go!

Thursday 10 November 2022 21:03 , Annabel Nugent

And we’re off – if the teaser is anything to go by, we’re in for a drama-filled episode.

What happened to Kiosk Keith?

Thursday 10 November 2022 20:44 , Annabel Nugent

Matt Hancock might have finally arrived, but there’s one familiar face who is absent.

Why was Kiosk Keith fired from I’m a Celebrity?

What Matt Hancock’s constituents have to say about his first appearance in the jungle

Thursday 10 November 2022 20:20 , Jacob Stolworthy

The verdict is in – ranging from undecided to downright unimpressed...

I'm a Celebrity: Matt Hancock's constituents on first jungle appearance

The countdown is on...

Thursday 10 November 2022 20:00 , Annabel Nugent

One hour to go!

What would happen if Matt Hancock wins I’m a Celeb?

Thursday 10 November 2022 19:40 , Annabel Nugent

Stranger things have happened...

Jessie Thompson has devised a step-by-step plan for the widely mocked MP if he wins this season, from bagging an ASOS deal with help from Ekin-Su’s agent, to chatting with Rita Ora on his own podcast

What will happen if Matt Hancock actually wins I’m a Celeb?

Who is newcomer Seann Walsh?

Thursday 10 November 2022 19:20 , Annabel Nugent

All eyes may be on Matt Hancock, but fellow newcomer Seann Walsh is no stranger to controversy himself.

A timeline of Seann Walsh’s career, from stand-up to his Strictly scandal

The question everyone wants the answer to...

Thursday 10 November 2022 19:00 , Annabel Nugent

Salaries vary from contestant to contestant. See below for a rundown of who’s being paid most to sleep in the jungle and who is being paid the least.

How much are this year’s I’m a Celebrity contestants being paid?

Every winner of I’m a Celeb...

Thursday 10 November 2022 18:40 , Annabel Nugent

It’s still early days –but we’re already placing bets on who is going to be crowned winner of the jungle.

For some guidance, why not take a look at all the winners from past seasons...? Maybe there’s a pattern.

Every I’m a Celebrity winner and what they did next

When do contestants start getting voted off I’m a Celeb?

Thursday 10 November 2022 18:20 , Annabel Nugent

We’re less than a week in but fans are already wondering who will be the first to leave – and when?

When do contestants start getting voted off I’m a Celeb?

Three hours to go!

Thursday 10 November 2022 18:00 , Annabel Nugent

T-minus three hours until we get to see Matt Hancock wrestling with underwater creepy crawlies...

Ant and Dec mock Seann Walsh’s kissing scandal

Thursday 10 November 2022 17:40 , Annabel Nugent

Ant and Dec didn’t hold back when introducing new arrivals Matt Hancock and Seann Walsh yesterday.

Here’s what they said about the comedian... who is no stranger to controversy, himself.

Ant and Dec mock Seann Walsh’s kissing scandal during I’m a Celebrity debut

Trouble is brewing in the camp...

Thursday 10 November 2022 17:20 , Annabel Nugent

Tensions are likely to come to a head tonight after Boy George became emotional at Matt Hancock’s arrival to the camp.

Boy George in tears over Matt Hancock’s arrival on I’m a Celeb

Matt Hancock will be in deep water tonight

Thursday 10 November 2022 17:15 , Annabel Nugent

Speaking of Bushtucker trials, it comes as no surprise that Matt Hancock has already been voted to do his second task of the series.

This time around, the politician must dive into small cages holding sea creatures (many with pincers!) in order to retrieve stars for his campmates.

MPs are getting in on the action, too

Thursday 10 November 2022 17:12 , Jacob Stolworthy

According to a cabinet minister, hundreds of MPs and peers have downloaded the I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! so they can vote for Matt Hancock to face the Bushtucker Trials.

Hundreds of MPs vote so Matt Hancock faces I’m a Celebrity trials

Who is Seann Walsh?

Thursday 10 November 2022 17:04 , Annabel Nugent

All eyes might be on Matt Hancock, but the politician entered the camp with a famous friend – one with his own set of controversies...

A timeline of Seann Walsh’s career, from stand-up to his Strictly scandal

Full 2022 cast including late arrivals

Thursday 10 November 2022 09:30 , Peony Hirwani

Following is the line-up for this year’s series of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

All I’m a Celebrity contestants for 2022 including late arrivals

When do contestants start getting voted off?

Thursday 10 November 2022 08:30 , Peony Hirwani

In previous years, campmates were being voted off the show after approximately 10 days or episodes. This means that viewers can expect to say goodbye to the first celebrity around Wednesday 16 November.

Read more:

When do contestants start getting voted off I’m a Celeb?

Boy George in tears over Matt Hancock’s arrival in camp

Thursday 10 November 2022 07:02 , Peony Hirwani

Boy George was left feeling conflicted after former health secretary Matt Hancock’s arrival in the jungle.

Boy George told presenter Scarlette Douglas: “You know, beginning of the pandemic my mum was in hospital. I wasn’t allowed to see her. I thought she was going to die.

“I was tweeting Greenwich hospital going, ‘Please look after my mum.’ I used my name, I was like, ‘Please look after my mum.’ And they did, she was fine… I feel like, I don’t want to be sitting here like I’m having fun with him.”

He continued: “It’s difficult for me because, you know, had something happened, if my mum had gone, I wouldn’t be here now. I would have gone when he walked in.”

Read more:

Boy George in tears over Matt Hancock’s arrival on I’m a Celeb

Thursday 10 November 2022 01:00 , Ellie Harrison

Matt Hancock singing Ed Sheeran. Wow

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