I’m going to wear these at PMQs, jokes Sir Keir as he tries on boxing gloves

Dave Higgens, PA
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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer fantasised about facing up to Prime Minister Boris Johnson across the despatch box wearing boxing gloves as he let loose on a punchbag in Hull.

Sir Keir donned pristine red gloves sporting the logo “vote Labour” as he was shown the ropes at the Vulcan Boxing Club in the city on Friday morning.

The leader of the Opposition took off his jacket and began giving a red punchbag everything he had, joking: “I’m going to be wearing these at Prime Minister’s Question Time.”

Warming to the idea as he posed for pictures, Sir Keir held up the gloves and said: “Walking into PMQs.”

And, as he aimed more heavy blows at the bag, he shouted: “My next question….and finally….”

He said: “One day, I’ve got to do it.”

Sir Keir Starmer takes aim at a punch bag
Sir Keir takes aim at a punchbag (Owen Humphreys/PA)

Seb Glazer, who runs the Vulcan Centre where the boxing club meets, joked with Sir Keir about the prospect of a pugilistic Commons confrontation.

The Labour leader laughed, suggesting: “The last question is from Seb. Fantastic.”

Mr Glazer suggested Sir Keir watch professional Hull cruiserweight Sonny Taylor take aim at another bag.

The politician, still wearing his white shirt and suit trousers, said he was “similar”.

Sir Keir Starmer enters the ring with professional cruiserweight Sonny Taylor
Sir Keir enters the ring with professional cruiserweight Sonny Taylor (Owen Humphreys/PA)

He confessed to Mr Glazer that he has no experience of boxing and laughed when he was told he was not allowed to punch anyone due to Covid regulations.

Sir Keir toured the Vulcan Centre, which he heard had become a beacon for the community during the pandemic – offering sporting activities, training and one of the largest food banks in Hull.