‘I’m still alive… just’: Trisha Goddard hospitalised for a week after ‘near death’ fall at home

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TV presenter Trisha Goddard said ‘I’m still alive... just’ after a horror fall in her home in which she broke a thigh bone.

The 64-year-old now has to rely on a walking frame and walking sticks following emergency surgery and a week-long stay in hospital.

The former talk show host broke her femur when taking a tumble down a flight of stairs when home alone and without her phone.

After laying in shock, unable to move for three hours, Goddard was able to reach her fiance on her third attempt thanks to her Alexa device.

Her fiance, who’s identity she keeps private throughout their four-year relationship, was able to alert their neighbours and the emergency services.

The Maury conflict resolution expert was discharged from the hospital on Friday but took to Instagram to inform fans that she is not yet out of the woods.

The star wrote: “I’ve just had 2 of the toughest weeks... One where I was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation, literally roaring in pain.

“But I’m still alive... just. I spent a week in hospital, was discharged on the Friday and with the help of Mother Morphine, did my 3 hour @talktv shows on Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and filmed a piece for @60minutes9 midweek too!”

She added: “On tomorrow’s show l’Il share what happened because I’m not out of the woods yet.. How @alexa99 saved my life.”

Goddard’s representative, Jonathan Shallit, took to Twitter to praise the media talent during her injuries.

He said: “After [a] week in hospital nothing stops Trisha Goddard broadcasting live 1pm today Talk Radio @TalkTV after nasty fall downstairs, trapped alone & going into shock with broken femur, unable to move for 3 hours, even with walking frame & sticks @InterTalent.”

Trisha later expanded on the incident on her Sunday TalkTV show. She recalled how she tripped, fell and flew up into the air before landing on the middle of the steps.

She said: “I knew that if I let go of that banister, I would break my neck, I would go down to the end of the staircase.”

She has now undergone a partial hip replacement and is partaking in rehab appointments to help her walk again.

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