I’m Thrilled That Freddy Told Bode To Pursue Gabriela In Fire Country’s Season 2 Finale, And W. Tré Davis Explained Why His Character Did It

 From left to right: W. Tre Davis as Freddy looking adiment and Max Thieriot looking with intent in Season 2 of Fire Country.
From left to right: W. Tre Davis as Freddy looking adiment and Max Thieriot looking with intent in Season 2 of Fire Country.

Now that the wait for Fire Country’s Season 3 premiere on the 2024 TV schedule has begun, it’s time to contemplate everything that was said in the game-changing Season 2 finale. This includes Freddy’s come to Jesus moment with Bode, where he told him something no one else would: He should go after Gabriela.

Well, after that talk, Bode didn’t stop Gabriela’s wedding, and going into Season 3, he’ll be pursuing firefighting over seemingly everything. However, there’s no doubt that his friend’s words impacted him, and the actor behind Freddy, W. Tré Davis, talked to CinemaBlend about this confrontational scene and why his character said what he said.

What Freddy Said To Bode Was Necessary

To recap, right before Gabriela’s wedding, Freddy was straight up with his friend, and told him:

Are you really going to let that wedding happen tomorrow? Gabriela still loves you. It’s so obvious dude.

How To Stream Fire Country

Max Thieriot as Bode looking somber while sitting in a church pew in Fire Country's Season 2 finale.
Max Thieriot as Bode looking somber while sitting in a church pew in Fire Country's Season 2 finale.

While we wait for Season 3 of Fire Country, watch Seasons 1 and 2 with a Paramount+ subscription.

It’s important to note that Freddy hasn’t seen Bode since Season 1. So, he’s out of the loop when it comes to how his friend’s relationship with Gabriela has evolved and he doesn’t know Diego.

While W. Tré Davis’ character is blinded to some facts, it also means he’s seeing the situation as a whole in a different light. Therefore, he’s willing to tell Max Thieriot’s character things others either might not be or simply can’t see. With that in mind, he’s sure Gabriela still loves Bode, and he needed his friend to know that as he said:

You need to go to that wedding…The first 72 are up, you stayed out of trouble. Now, you need to start some. In the name of your whole life’s happiness go get your girl Bode.

Those are some bold words, especially since they came literally hours before Bode’s ex said “I do.” However, the former Three Rock inmate needed to hear them. So, with that in mind, I had to ask Davis about his character’s bold confrontation.

W. Tré Davis Explained Why Freddy Told Bode To Pursue Gabriela

When I interviewed W. Tré Davis about his exciting return to Fire Country, we got into the details of this scene he shared with Thieriot. The actor broke down what his character knew about the situation, and how that led to this moment, saying:

You know, it definitely sort of makes sense, and Diego, he's fabulous. He brings such a wonderful energy to the show as a fan. But Freddy doesn't know that guy. You know? He doesn't care how nice he is or any of that stuff.

Continuing on, Davis told me that Freddy has found happiness and love in his freedom, and he wants the same thing for Bode. So, when he realized that he still loved Gabriela and those feelings were probably reciprocated, he needed to confront his pal. The actor elaborated on this idea, saying:

I only care about my friends. And particularly since I've gotten out of prison, and I get to start my life with someone that I love and someone I care about, I think that Freddy places a lot of importance on doing that for yourself and asking for what you want and getting what you want.

While Bode claims he’s happy for Gabriela, there are some feelings that are still there, as proven by the kiss the two shared earlier in the season. However, everyone is kind of tip-toeing around the issue, because they’re friends with all three people involved, and, frankly, they have other problems to deal with.

However, Freddy came back for Bode, and he was going to help him. So, as Davis said, there are no regrets about this conversation:

I have no apologies about Freddy’s bias for Gabriela and Bode. And I’m rooting for the two of them to get together.

While Diego is a gem, I think we’re all rooting for Bode and Gabriela to get back together. However, we’ll have to wait until next fall to see how Freddy's words impact his pal and if Bode and Gabriela do anything about their feelings in Season 3 of Fire Country.