In Memory Of Those Who Are No Longer With Us, But Sadly Still Here.

Actually, I think that might have been Dennis Healey when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer). While we may not have known them personally or quite as intimately as Orville knew the notable ventriloquist, we remember them with affection and for the ways in which they indirectly touched our lives, whether it was with their music (Cilla Black and Demis Rousssos - obviously Forever and Ever wasn't an indicator as to his biological immortality), their politics (Charles Kennedy), their screen presence (Maureen O'Hara and Omar Sharif), their punditry (Jimmy Hill), their comedic talent (George Cole) and in the case of Anne Kirkbride, their ability to take a humble pair of NHS spectacles and imbue them with the same sense of style as a certain Mrs Onassis once did with a pair of sunglasses.