M6 chaos to last all day as three lanes closed after lorry crash and drivers urged to avoid area

Long delays are expected on part of the M6 for the rest of the day following a crash involving five lorries. Three out of four lanes will remain closed on the section as resurfacing work is carried out.

It will mean slow-moving traffic and major congestion as traffic filters into the single running lane. Drivers have been warned to expect long delays northbound between Junctions 18 and 19 in Cheshire, just north of the West Midlands.

They should avoid the area and seek alternative routes, National Highways said in an urgent message. The crash happened this morning at around 4am, with oil and diesel spilling over the motorway surface.

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National Highways said: "Drivers intending to use the northbound M6 through Cheshire between junction 18 at Holmes Chapel and junction 19 at Knutsford are being urged to delay their journeys or seek alternative routes with three of the four lanes along the carriageway closed for the rest of the day. National Highways is carrying out emergency resurfacing following a collision involving five lorries at 4am today.

"The collision resulted in a shed load and oil and diesel fuel damage across three lanes – leaving only lane four open to drivers past the scene. While the lorries have now been removed from the area there is damage of some kind – caused by gouging, hydraulic oil or diesel fuel – in lanes one, two and three of the northbound carriageway and it’s not possible to safely run any traffic over these lanes without repairs and resurfacing.

"Lanes one and two will be resurfaced this afternoon and lane four will remain open to traffic. Once this has been completed, lane one will re-open and lane three will be resurfaced with the adjoining lanes closed for safety reasons due to the size of the heavy plant required for the work. There has been very heavy congestion in the area throughout today and the northbound entry slip road at junction 18 has been closed to drivers to help ease traffic.

"This will be monitored and may re-open later if congestion eases. Drivers are urged to check traffic conditions before setting out on journeys."