Macbook thief caught using Hidden app

Hunter Skipworth
Macbook thief caught using Hidden app

A Macbook is a desirable thing, much wanted by thieves across the world. Leave an Apple laptop in a cafe or lose your bag on the train and don't expect it to be there when you get back.

When Joshua Kaufman discovered his laptop missing he began crafting a blog based on pictures of the thief he had captured using the Mac application Hidden. Since then the site has gathered an immense social media following, with more than 16k "likes" on Facebook. People have followed the story of the Macbook thief from the start, which began with a photo of him driving away with the Apple laptop in his car.

The photos then gathered steam, showing the thief deleting his accounts and signing into his own, even pictures of him in bed with the caption: "I really don't want to know what this guy is doing with my MacBook.

Eventually local Oakland police caught on to the blog and tried to get hold of the laptop thief:  "(May 31, 7:38 PM PST) Thanks to the power of the Internet, I have the attention of the Oakland Police, who are tracking this guy down RIGHT NOW!" Using Kaufman's evidence, an email which connected the thief with a cab service, the police phoned him and asked him to pick them up. The trick worked, he was arrested by the Oakland police waiting for him.

Given the popularity of the blog and the references to the Hidden app, many believe it to be a media stunt to gather attention for the application. Either way it's an awesome story and possible proof that applications such as Hidden or Apple's find my iPhone can result in the safe return of property.

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