Macklemore Announces Birth Of Daughter AND New Song With Ed Sheeran (+ Free Download)!

HUGE congratulations are in order for rapper Macklemore and his girlfriend Tricia Davies, who have welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty (aw!) but here comes the plot twist… she’s already 2 months old!

The first-time father announced the happy news in a message to fans on the band’s website, “Our daughter, Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty, was born two months ago on May 29th,” he wrote.

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This ‘cute beyond words’ photo was posted on his girlfriend’s Instagram account and was captioned, “We had our beautiful baby girl on May 29th… Got married on June 27th once the Supreme Court ruled same sex couples could too.”

Yes, you read that correctly, they managed to get married in secret too!

Macklemore had some more surprises up his sleeve too, he and his longtime collaborator, Ryan Lewis, have teamed up with the nicest man in the biz, Ed ‘voice to give you all the feels’ Sheeran, in a new song called “Growing up.”

We’ll just give you a moment to take a breather and gather your thoughts because THERE’S MORE…

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The musical trio only went and pulled a ONE DIRECTION #DRAGMEDOWN on us, announcing the new single release for 5pm today!!!!!!!

I’m not even going to apologise for all of those exclamation marks.

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Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON?!

This means that the song is available NOW! So you might want to pop along to the band’s homepage,, for a sneaky listen.

Oh and did we tell you that the new track is free?!!

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That means that you, your mum, dad, best friend, sister, brother, cat AND dog can all be head-bopping along to it without having to part with a single penny.

If you haven’t already guessed it, the song is dedicated to the new addition in the family, “There is nothing like the joy and happiness that comes from bringing a baby into this universe. She has filled my heart in ways that I never knew were possible. She is the love of my life. This song is for her,” he commented.

I think that I might have been given a soft toy to commemorate my birth but a song is just as good, I guess…

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In a further statement about the song, he wrote, “When you try to escape yourself, life has an interesting way of creating situations that force you to come back. To look at who you are. This is why ‘Growing Up’ felt like the right song to re-emerge with. It’s where I’ve been the last year, through all the ups and downs. We didn’t want to do a big campaign or anything over the top with this. We just wanted to put out good music, directly to the people that have been here since the beginning. Thank you for your patience. Hope you enjoy.”

Oh, Macklemore (and Ryan and Ed), we are enjoying it. In fact, we have pretty much had the song on repeat since its release…

This track is the first new music from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis since their acclaimed and award-winning 2012 album The Heist but we think that it was well worth the wait!