Macron set to win French presidency, but Le Pen gains ground - Odoxa poll

PARIS (Reuters) - A new Odoxa survey of voter intentions said centrist Emmanuel Macron would win the French presidency in a May 7 vote, but that his share of the vote would be 59 percent, down four percentage points from its previous survey.

The survey, carried out over April 26-27 and published on Friday, saw his far right rival Marine Le Pen on 41 percent, up four points compared with the previous survey on April 24-25.

The poll showed that 40 percent of supporters of the defeated first-round French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon would vote Emmanuel Macron, while half of Francois Fillon voters would do the same.

More than 40 percent of Melenchon voters plan to abstain, the poll also showed.

(Reporting by Maya Nikolaeva; Editing by Andrew Callus)