Macron's lead in French presidential runoff slips below 60 percent - polls

PARIS (Reuters) - Two polls on Friday showed centrist Emmanuel Macron winning the French presidential runoff with less than 60 percent of votes, as the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen slightly gained ground since the start of the week.

A BVA poll for Orange and Presse Regionale, carried out online on April 26-28, saw Macron on 59 percent versus 41 percent for Le Pen.

With turnout expected to be key to how well Le Pen does, the survey also showed that 73 to 78 of those polled expected to vote on May 7.

Separately, an Odoxa survey of voter intentions released on Friday showed Macron's share of the vote at 59 percent, down four percentage points from its previous survey.

Macron slipped below 60 percent for the first time since March 17 in a daily Presitrack poll produced by pollsters Opinionway and published on Thursday.

(Reporting Maya Nikolaeva; Editing by Leigh Thomas)