Made in Chelsea's Sam Thompson gets a kitten

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Sam Thompson gets a kitten (c) Instagram/ Sam Thompson credit:Bang Showbiz
Sam Thompson gets a kitten (c) Instagram/ Sam Thompson credit:Bang Showbiz

Sam Thompson has acquired a new kitten.

The ‘Made in Chelsea’ star and his girlfriend, former 'Love Island’ star Zara McDermott, 25, have taken the next step in their relationship, as he took to Instagram to reveal the couple are now parents to an adorable ragdoll kitten named Albus, after one of his favourite 'Harry Potter' characters Albus Dumbledore.

He posted a series of photos of him holding his new four-legged friend, and wrote: “Meet ALBUS everyone told me I couldn’t look after a dog…so I got a cat he’s so cute and named after my second favourite Harry Potter character the moment I saw his white beard I knew @itsalbusworld (sic)"

Following in the footsteps of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, the reality star set up an Instagram account for his new ragdoll under the handle @itsalbusworld.

The bio reads: ”ALBUS DUMBLEPAW

I am a Flame Point Ragdoll from London

It’s my world… you all just live in it

I go to my new home in January 2022 (sic)"

The account has already racked up 14.8k followers, just a day after it was set up.

In his first solo post, Albus pawed: "Hello my name is Albus I am named after my daddy’s favourite character in Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore and I am white and fluffy like his beard

"I am six weeks old so I am still with my furry mummy right now. But I go to my new home in the new year #ragdollsofinstagram #ragdollkitten #ragdollcat #catstagram #kittensofinstagram (sic)"

Zara, who shares the account with Sam, posted a Story where she asked her fans whether or not she should register the kitten to the vets under it’s full name “Albus wulfric Brian Dumblepaw De Courcy Thompson (sic)”.

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