Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson admits controversial plans to raise her children as vegan

Lucy Watson has made the controversial revelation that she plans to raise her children as vegan - not allowing them any form of meat or dairy from birth.

The former Made In Chelsea star has been vegetarian for her whole life but switched to vegan in January, and now she is determined that her future children will follow in her footsteps.

Speaking in a Q&A video on her YouTube channel, Lucy explained: “Yes, they will [be raised as vegans]. I’m not going to have kids that eat meat or dairy.

“Like, I would just never do that because it’s the most hypocritical thing ever.

"But I’m dating a meat eater so if he happens to be the one that I have children with then it will be difficult. But I’ve said to him that if we ever have kids, I want them to be vegan.

"I hope when I have children, it’ll be a long way off because I’m only 25 and I’m quite traditional about things like that, I think it would be a lot more acceptable by the time I do it and there will be a lot more options around and there will be a lot more vegan kids around.

"The next generation is really who we’re relying on to save this planet so I hope there will be more vegans around.”

The reality star went on to admit that she and her boyfriend, James Dunmore, massively clash when it comes to their differing diets.

She explained: “It’s a really tricky one because it’s hard sometimes dating someone who eats meat. It’s like the thing I preach about most and I live with someone and I’m in love someone who eats meat.

"I think it’s like out only thing that we argue about, ever. And it’s his own flaw. But there are so many people in the world that eat meat and I can’t be annoyed at him because it’s just something that he’s used to. Ideally he wouldn’t eat meat but it’s up to him and I accept that.”

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