Madness pause Edinburgh Castle gig to present incredible on-stage marriage proposal

During their Friday night gig at Edinburgh Castle Madness paused the show at a Scots castle to present an incredible onstage marriage proposal.

The ska icons performed at the landmark on July 5 and, as frontman Suggs performed the group's 1981 hit It Must Be Love, a picture of a couple was projected onto the big screen.

It was all because one man, John, had set up an elaborate plan to show how madly in love he is with his partner Heather, reports Edinburgh Live.

After singing the song's iconic chorus, Suggs stopped singing and began clapping as the rest of the crowd joined in. A picture of John and Heather then appeared behind him surrounded by love hearts.

The words: "Heather, you are my world," then followed as members of the crowd caught on and started cheering.

"Will you marry me? Lots of love, John xxx" then popped up as he set up the ultimate romantic proposal in front of tens of thousands of music fans at Edinburgh Castle.

The gathered crowd erupted into a massive cheer as the all-important question appeared on the screen. Right on cue, Madness erupted back into song and belted out the chorus.

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