Madonna would like to remind you that it's her 60th birthday — but some are accusing her of cultural appropriation

It’s official: Madonna is 60 years old.

The Material Girl turned 60 on Aug. 16, and she’s celebrating the milestone with a trip to Marrakesh, Morocco, with her children.

The pop star has already been flooded with birthday tributes, but she’s taken it upon herself to remind everyone about her special day — “in case someone forgot.” And did she mention that she’s “the queen” too?

Not to worry — fans have received the hint loud and clear.

The singer spent her birthday eve with twin daughters Estere and Stella, but she’s got even bigger plans in store for her big day. She’s marking the occasion with a monthlong Facebook fundraiser benefitting orphans and children in Malawi.

Madonna and twin daughters Estere and Stella are celebrating her birthday in Morocco. (Photo: Madonna via Instagram Stories)

Of course, it wouldn’t be Madonna without a little controversy. Some people have objected to the traditional costume she wore — saying she was “Celebrating Berber. Culture!” — on the night before her birthday, calling it cultural appropriation and a misidentification of the local Amazigh culture.

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