Madonna's Provocative Bedroom Photo-Shoot Sparks A Lot Of Conversation Online

If there’s one thing you can always rely on Madonna for, it’s her ability to get everyone talking – and that’s exactly what she’s done with her latest impromptu Instagram photo-shoot.

On Wednesday night, the Queen of Pop posted a string of scantily-clad photos of herself on social media while posing in her bed, including several snaps that feature her exposed breast.

“Angel watching over me,” Madonna wrote in the caption, alluding to the stone angel on the wall behind her.

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Alongside the snaps, the chart-topping singer also shared a quote from the poet Mary Oliver, which read: “Beauty without purpose is beauty without virtue, but all beautiful , inherently, have this function…to excite the viewers toward sublime thought… glory to the world, that good teacher.”

Of course, Madonna being Madonna, It didn’t take long for the chart-topping singer’s snaps to spark a lot of conversation on social media.

One photo in particular – which showed the star underneath her bed with just her legs and bum showing – caught the attention of people on Twitter,including TV presenter Anneka Rice...

And while obviously Piers Morgan was less than impressed by the Express Yourself singer’s Instagram post...

Others were loving seeing Madonna being her usual provocative self…

Our favourite reaction of the lot has to be Kate Beckinsale, though, who managed to trick her 22-year-old daughter into thinking the photo was actually of her

Last month, Madonna raised eyebrows during an interview with US talk show host Jimmy Fallon to promote her latest concert video, Madame X.

During their chaotic chat, the award-winning star climbed up on the host’s desk and struck a pose, while he attempted to cover her backside with his jacket.

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