MAFS star Sara Mesa tells ex it's "time to move on"

Married at First Sight Australia star Sara Mesa has told ex Tim Calwell that it's "time to move on" amid an ongoing feud.

Sara and Tim had a rocky journey on the reality series earlier this year, but ultimately decided to continue their relationship at final vows. The couple later announced their split after the show finished airing in April.

The pair have since been embroiled in a new feud after Tim posted an Instagram Reel with his new girlfriend Barbara Greibeler.

The "life update" clip featured Tim panning the camera to a car sticker with the caption: "Warning: 100% b***h", which he said reminds him of "someone".

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Sara later took to her Instagram Story to respond to Tim's video, which she believed shared "subliminal messages" about her.

"Imagine being out of a relationship for months, but still thinking about me, still including me in your Reels, still including me in comments and making subliminal messages about me," she said.

"You're not over it. Time to move on, sweetie, because I have."

Australian reality TV podcast So Dramatic went on to post the clip of Sara's Story to their Instagram account, with Tim sharing his response in the comments section.

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"You know what is crazy, I actually never mentioned anyone. It seems like everyone is projecting their own thoughts onto my reel," he wrote, with Sara later replying: "Pls it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

"You knew what people would think and your replies to peoples comments about it says otherwise. Don't be spineless – be a man and say it like it is. Don't try to backtrack and say it wasn't about me."

She added: "I will continue to put energy into calling out bad behaviour. You do not call females b***es & you should give your gf the respect she deserves by not taking a dig at me in your videos or mentioning an ex at all in a video meant to be cute [with] her.

"The internalised misogyny and fragile masculinity this is giving is beyond."

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Sara's close friend and MAFS co-star Lauren Dunn took to her own Instagram Story to reveal she was "shocked" by the video.

"I was a bit shocked because the Reel seems to be about his love for his new girlfriend," she said. "If I was her, I'd be hurt that he's still referencing his ex."

Eden Harper also shared her thoughts on the situation, writing: "Wait a minute... So Sara can call Cass a c***, Lauren can call Jono a snake, dog, c*** (to name a few)... Lauren can refer to Jono as a rat on TikTok but that's funny & light-hearted.

sara, tim, married at first sight australia
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"It's only unacceptable & wrong when @timcalwell does it? The double standards are laughable."

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Tim explained that the Reel wasn't meant to be targeted at anyone, adding: "I like talking about my life experiences, regardless of if that chapter in my life is closed.

"MAFS is certainly a unique experience and I'll likely keep sharing mine."

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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