'Married At First Sight UK' fans concerned over 'red flags' from Franky

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Pictured:  Marilyse and Franky.
Franky has concerned viewers with his behaviour. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK viewers have been expressing concern over "red flags" in Franky's behaviour, accusing him of being controlling towards wife Marilyse.

The E4 show sees strangers matched by a panel of experts and "married" to each other at their first meeting, then given an apartment to live in together while a panel of relationship experts guide them through getting to know each other.

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Ex-military man Franky, 47, was matched with mother-of-two Marilyse, 37, but fans of the show and some of the other contestants have become worried about his behaviour, calling him "controlling".

Psychologist Mel Schilling, one of the show's relationship experts, had also called out Franky's way of speaking to Marilyse and in Wednesday night's commitment ceremony episode she began their chat by apologising for any upset she had caused him.

Pictured: Marilyse and Franky.
Franky has been accused of being controlling. (Channel 4)

But viewers were not reassured by Franky's behaviour as Marilyse described having spent the previous night in a different apartment – over a disagreement which she refused to share the details of.

At first, Marilyse claimed not to remember what the argument had been about, but later admitted after an awkward chat that she did know, but wasn't willing to say.

During the conversation with the experts, one of the other wives Morag told her she felt that she wasn't being honest about the extent of Franky's behaviour.

Pictured:  Franky and Marilyse.
Franky and Marilyse spent a night apart after a row. (Channel 4)

But both Franky and Marilyse chose to stay with each other for another week and Franky concerned viewers further as his wife revealed her commitment card said "stay" and he told her "is the correct answer".

One viewer tweeted: "Marylise trying to convince us that Franky isn’t controlling meanwhile I can actually feel his simmering rage through the screen."

Someone else wrote: "Marilyse needs to leave, these red flags are just radiating from Franky. The way she silenced herself when Franky started to talk... this isn’t going to end well."

Another person commented: "The experts allowing Franky and Marilyse’s relationship to continue is irresponsible. We’re seeing an abusive relationship unfold and Franky’s behaviour and Marilyse’s attempt to pacify him is really concerning!"

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Earlier in the episode, Marilyse had explained her stay in a different apartment, saying: “Last night after the dinner party, Franky and I had a bit of a disagreement.

“He got a bit upset and he didn’t drop it and before it got any more heated I removed myself and went and stayed in a different room and I didn’t hear from him all night. I have woken up this morning on my own.”

Pictured: Expert Charlene Douglas, Luke and Morag.
Morag was unconvinced by Marilyse and Franky's relationship. (Channel 4)

Marilyse, who has said she needs to make sure any potential partner is right for her children too, continued: “I don’t know. It was weird. I definitely don’t think Franky is good with his emotions. I think he can take things quite personally.”

Divorcee Franky hinted at a difficult past as he said: “My 47-year life has had some dark patches and I have only known her three weeks. I can’t just say on day one ‘oh, this happened’ to explain these situations.”

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