'MAFS UK' season finale: Matt's surprise exit and April confirms George split

MAFS Reunion Experts Day
Matt made a quiet exit from the MAFS UK reunion. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight UK's season finale saw one controversial groom duck out of the reunion grilling before any awkward questions came his way.

Contestants and viewers had been shocked when Matt, a late addition to the series, dropped his bride Gemma to pursue another woman, Whitney, who he had also broken up with by the time Tuesday's season finale came around.

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Matt had been at the centre of a number of explosive, aggressive rows with Gemma, Whitney's original partner Duka, and other contestants Zoe, Jenna, Sophie, Thomas and Adrian over his behaviour.

MAFS Reunion Dinner Party
The group had been shocked by an outburst at the dinner party. (Channel 4)

He had come under fire at Monday's reunion dinner party for shouting at the rest of the group and calling Sophie "fake", but apologised in Tuesday's reunion with the experts - quietly slinking out of the studio before anyone noticed.

Matt and Whitney were first up on the couch to thrash through with the experts what had happened in their short relationship, which he said he wouldn't be against rekindling in future.

He said: "Firstly, my behaviour last night was unacceptable. On a serious note, to anybody I offended, I do apologise."

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After a break in the episode, expert Mel Schilling said: "Matt will be bowing out of proceedings for the rest of the evening.

"Whitney will be staying with us but we will be respecting Matt's wishes to take some time away from the group."

Pictured: Whitney & Matt
Whitney and Matt had proved a controversial couple. (Channel 4)

His exit from the room was not shown and one viewer tweeted: "I feel like Matt was told to apologise then leave."

Someone else added: "lol they definitely forced matt to apologise there."

Later, in the spin-off show Unveiled, April confirmed to host AJ Odudu that she has now split from George, despite talking about how they were making things work at the pre-recorded season finale.

As Odudu asked whether they were still together, April replied: "No. Sadly not."

She added: "I’m ready to kiss a few more frogs before I find my prince."

George Roberts married April Banbury on the Channel 4 show. (C4)
April and George have since split. (C4)

Reports had emerged during the series that George had been arrested on suspicion of controlling and coercive behaviour, and before that it was reported that three of his exes had been to the police about his behaviour.

They had apparently contacted MAFS UK when they spotted him on trailers for the series, but his relationship with April remained in the episodes.

April did not elaborate on why she had split from George and has not updated her social media about the split.

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