MAFS UK sees three people exit in tense ceremony

married at first sight uk episode series 8 episode 21
MAFS UK sees three people exit in tense ceremonyChannel 4

Married at First Sight UK spoilers follow.

Married at First Sight UK saw three people leave the show tonight in a tense commitment ceremony as JJ and Bianca, as well as Ella, all exited the experiment.

Mark and Sean both voted to stay after a positive start to their relationship, as did Georges and Peggy, and Rosa and Thomas. Matt and Adrienne told the experts about their "instant connection" and were applauded for their strength together. They, too, voted to stay.

The drama heated up, however, when Ella took to the couch by herself after her husband, Nathaniel, previously exited the experiment after confronting Ella about texting JJ, Bianca's husband, at another dramatic dinner party.

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Ella explained that she never thought she and Nathaniel would be more than friends, but Bianca interrupted her and accused her of sending flirtatious messages to JJ, who admitted he never told Bianca about the texts until Nathaniel revealed all.

Ella and JJ defended themselves, saying they hadn't conducted an affair, but that there was a spark between them. Ella confirmed that she will get to know JJ in the outside world. The experts told Ella she would be leaving the show, but Ella whispered that she had "found someone amazing, so it’s fine".

Laura and Arthur then voted to stay before Tasha and Paul navigated a conflict with another couple. Tasha and Erica, who is married to Jordan, argued over comments Erica made about being in "the strongest couple". The experts praised both couples, however, for staying "unified". Both Tasha and Paul, and Erica and Jordan voted to stay.

Jay and Luke then voted to stay together, too, before Bianca and JJ took to the couch as the final couple. Bianca immediately explained that she never "felt let in" by JJ and that he was "thinking with his dick".

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Ella piped up trying to defend JJ, but Bianca angrily interjected and said, "I am done." She added that she would never have gone behind either one of their backs like they did to her.

JJ explained that he may not have put in enough effort because he never felt a spark with Bianca. The experts then laid into JJ saying that other couples built up a spark and a connection through time and effort and that JJ was, indeed, just "thinking with his dick".

JJ and Ella then admitted that they have an undeniable connection. Bianca voted to leave the experiment, as did JJ. The experts told JJ and Ella to explore a relationship outside of the experiment as the commitment ceremony came to an end.

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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