MAFS UK's Thomas says sorry to Sophie as he gets death threats

Watch: Married At First Sight star Thomas Hartley apologises to Sophie for row

Married At First Sight UK (MAFS UK) star Thomas Hartley has apologised to Sophie Brown after blasting her during a huge row, saying his language was 'vile' and that he made a mistake.

Hartley blew up in an episode of the E4 show after Brown appeared to imply that his relationship with Adrian Sanderson could be closer to friendship.

He also turned on Whitney Hughes, calling her a 'liar' and a 'basic b****', and said he didn’t care 'about 90% of the people' on the show, which sees singles marrying people they have only just met.

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The reality star has now revealed that he had death threats following the row.

Pictured: Girls Night
Pictured: Girls Night

Apologising in an emotional video on Twitter, he explained that at the time the footage was shot he “didn’t want to be there”.

“I wanted to go home,” he said.

“I'd just got back from home stays, to personal stuff going on which they all knew, as I've said before and I did not want to talk to those people.

“I own the Sophie thing, it was just heightened too far. I've apologised and we're in a good place now.”

Pictured: Sophie
Thomas Hartley has said sorry to Sophie Brown. (Channel 4)

Hartley went on: “The language that I used is coarse and vile and I don't like it and that's me owning my s***, I don't care what anybody else thinks.

"That's what I think.

"I made a mistake and I hold my hands up totally."

Emphasising how he had been feeling, the TV star said in the caption that he’d “had enough”.

Pictured: Fifth Commitment Ceremony
The reality star said he's made a mistake. (Channel 4)

“I don’t do this and I have apologised to Sophie, but I’d really had enough," he said.

"I also must work on my words and language.

"For myself, not for anyone else.”

Hartley also shared that he’d received threats since the episode aired.

"Ok," he posted on Twitter.

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"I made a mistake and I hold my hands up totally, however sending death threats isn’t warranted."