Maggie, the cute litter picking dog with her own hashtag takes action on plastic

Sian Bayley

Maggie, the adorable litter picking dog, is on a mission to remove plastic bottles from her local park.

The five-year-old Rottweiler/Labrador mix picks up discarded plastic bottles in Avery Hill Park, Eltham, before her owner Sue Parr takes them home to be recycled.

The eco-friendly pooch can pick up as many as four bottles at once, and has become a much-loved local character, with her owner even creating the hashtag #bemorelikemaggie to encourage more people to recycle.

“Maggie is very excitable, takes life at 100 miles an hour and loves everything and everybody,” said Sue, who took Maggie in as a rescue dog when she was just nine months old.

“Maggie will pick [the plastic bottles] up and walk all the way around the park with them. It’s become a ritual. Then when we get home, we put them in our recycling.

She is such a lovable dog. She loves being around children and adores my 10-year-old daughter’s friends. She thinks she just one of the gang.”

Sue and Maggie are joining the Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean today to keep Avery Hill Park litter free. The campaign runs until 23 April.