This magical Harry Potter cross-stitching timelapse will put a spell on you

A YouTuber from New York has given an insight into the process of her long-time hobby of cross-stitching. Footage from February 14 shows filmer Leah - who goes by "Resting Stitch Face" online - creating a Harry Potter character along with Hedwig the owl, his famous forehead scar and a Gryffindor-style scarf. The Potter portrait is done in Japanese style known as "Chibi," which exaggerates characters making them short and stout. Leah - a hospitality worker - has been cross-stitching for more than 10 years and unfortunately lost her job at the beginning of the pandemic. With plenty of time, she launched her YouTube channel showcasing the skills of her favourite hobby. She said: "I knew other people may be interested in seeing the process."