'Magical' Sunrise Ushers in New Year in Rural Minnesota

The first sunrise of 2020 created a picture-perfect scene in rural Minnesota, as a red barn seemed to radiate pink and orange through a tunnel of snow-covered trees.

Carol Bauer, of Graceville, captured the video in nearby Clinton on New Year’s Day.

Bauer told Storyful that the video was recorded approaching a Quonset barn after a snowstorm hit the area on December 28 and 29.

She continued to say, "At first as I drove upon this scene, I thought it was Christmas lights around the building. As I got closer I realized it was the sunlight … it was definitely a magical scene. "

She posted photos of the event to Facebook with the caption, “Great way to start this new decade.”

Local CNN affiliate HLN aired the video on their network with “Greetings from Minnesota” shown onscreen. Credit: Carol Bauer via Storyful