Magnesium-Fueled Fire Rips Through Metal Recycling Plant in LA County

The Los Angeles County Fire Department reported a three-alarm blaze at a metal recycling facility in Maywood, California, during the early morning hours of June 14. According to a local NBC affiliate, five bodies were found after the blaze that also gutted two commercial buildings. The fire caused multiple explosions in the area, which led to the response of Los Angeles County and Vernon township firefighters to the area.

The explosions were reportedly caused by large amounts of magnesium inside one of the buildings, which, when combined with water, creates fiery explosions.

Billows of smoke rising in Los Angeles County skies led to the South Coast Air Quality Management District issuing a smoke advisory, which calls on residents of central, southern, and eastern areas of the county to remain indoors and keep all fresh air intake closed due to the potential toxicity of the smoke. Credit: Instagram/jaazy_love

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