Main A38 road to Bristol Airport will close completely overnight for a week

Malago Road roadworks in Bedminster Bristol, Tuesday 2 April 2024 as work continues
-Credit: (Image: PAUL GILLIS / Reach PLC)

The main road from Bristol city centre to Bristol Airport will be closed completely overnight for 11 hours every night from tonight (Wednesday), for two weeks out of the next three.

Bristol City Council is shutting the A38 southbound at Dalby Avenue and Malago Road in Bedminster from 7pm on Wednesday, May 29, until 6am on Thursday morning - every night for a week, as work to completely realign and redesign the road continues.

There will then be a 12-day break before the overnight closures start again every night for a week from June 17 onwards.

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The northbound A38 through Bedminster has been closed completely since January 2022, with city council highways chiefs telling residents, motorists and traders in nearby East Street back then that the work would be completed ‘in the summer of 2024’. The road has been dug up to install the new District Heat Network to serve the Bedminster Green developments, and council chiefs are taking the opportunity to realign and redesign the road to improve traffic flow for buses and cyclists, as well as accommodate the major new developments of student and build-to-let flats there.

With the start of the summer of 2024 just days away, there is no set date for the reopening of the road - the council now say it will take place ‘at the end of the summer’, but roadwork notices now extend into October on the council’s official roadworks mapping site. This week, the council pledged to reopen the road to two-traffic by ‘the end of August’.

The overnight closures signal the beginning of the end of the mammoth two-and-a-half-year project, with the installation of a new continuous bus lane along Malago Road and Dalby Avenue, new and improved bus stops, upgraded pedestrian and cycle crossings, new and improved cycle lanes and resurfaced roads and pavements, the council said.

There will also be more street trees and planting, wider pavements and ‘sustainable urban drainage’, a council spokesperson added.

The overnight works will see Dalby Avenue closed completely from its junction with East Street and Bedminster Parade for southbound traffic - including buses - from 7pm to 6am every night from May 29 to June 5. That same closure will happen again over the same times from June 17 and June 24.

The first week will see raising and lowering ironworks to prepare the ground for the new road alignment, while the second week’s closures will see the road being completely resurfaced and roadmarkings laid down.

“During the closure, buses leaving the city centre will not be stopping on Bedminster Parade and will travel down Catherine Mead Street, Dean Lane and Cannon Street before heading onto West Street and St John’s Road to follow the usual routes. Buses heading into the city centre will be unaffected and will continue to use East Street,” a council spokesperson said.

Malago Road roadworks in Bedminster Bristol, Tuesday 2 April 2024 as work continues
Malago Road roadworks in Bedminster Bristol, Tuesday 2 April 2024 as work continues -Credit:PAUL GILLIS / Reach PLC

“There will be a signposted diversion in place for motor traffic while the road is closed. Pedestrian access for residents along Dalby Avenue and Malago Road will be maintained and businesses in the Malago Trade Park will be accessible during opening hours for the period of works.

“Malago Road and Dalby Avenue will be reopened to two-way traffic by the end of August 2024,” the council spokesperson added.